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Kitchen Equipment Company

Every kitchen needs a set up of high-quality, high-end industrial-grade appliances. While initial expenditures and high costs are involved, it is worth investing in the best kitchen appliances as they are vital to your kitchen’s efficiency and smooth operation.

If you are looking for hotel supplies companies in Dubai to fulfill your kitchen’s requirements, then this article will be the end of your search. This article describes the services of the best hotel supplier in the UAE. 

We are regarded as the number one kitchen equipment company among others hotel supplies companies in Dubai. 

We “A to Z World Hospitality Suppliers are here to provide you with a wide range of hotel kitchen equipment. We can also help you decide which rapid hotel supplies will be appropriate for your commercial kitchen.

You will also admit to this fact after reading about the services and products in this article. Let’s explore our rapid hotel supplies.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment:

If you plan to open a new restaurant, you must choose the right restaurant kitchen equipment company for its success. Our team of experts created a list of necessary kitchen equipment, so you can be convinced that all of your bases are covered when outfitting your kitchen. 

Generally, almost all restaurants require the following rapid hotel supplies:  

  • Cooking Equipment
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Storage Equipment
  • Food Prep Equipment
  • Small wares
  • Janitorial Equipment

Small wares are the tools you can use in the kitchen to prepare and cook your dishes. We provide high-quality small wares that are the essential needs of almost every kitchen. While ordering small wares for your new kitchen, certify that you purchase the correct quantity. Here’s our list of the essential small wares for your commercial kitchen:

Kitchen Knives: 

A sharp set of knives is an essential tool in a kitchen. Sharp chef knives make food preparation easier, but they also reduce the chances of accidents and cuts.

Cutting Boards:

 Also, if you want to color-code your kitchen to avoid cross-contamination, you can buy multiple colors of cutting boards and follow HACCP guidelines.

Mixing Bowls: 

We offer multiple sizes of mixing bowls for different applications. 


We offer different kinds of pans to our customers, including:

  • Sauce
  • Saute
  • Braising 
  • fry

Consider which kinds your kitchen requires and in what quantity before placing your order.


 Similar to pans, we also offer numerous types of pots, including:

  • Stockpots 
  • Double boilers 
  • Pasta cookers
  • Sauce pots

Food Pans:

Prepare dishes in the oven in food pans or use them to hold food in a food warmer until it’s ready to serve. Food pans are essential for caterers transporting food and buffets for serving food on steam tables.

Kitchen Spoons: 

Stir sauces in the back-of-house area, serve foods at your buffet, or remove ingredients from a bowl with our kitchen spoons. These versatile tools should be on every restaurant equipment list.


If your restaurant or diner plans to use griddles, char broilers, or grills, turners are must-have utensils. Select turners with high-heat handles to keep your hands safe.


We also offer a wide range of crockery to our customers. Our crockery is highly admired among customers due to its durability.

Why choose us?

We started our operation in 2007 in Dubai; we, A to Z world Hospitality Suppliers, are famous manufacturers, traders, exporters, and suppliers of the best quality kitchen equipment. Our offered product range is wide-ranging Kitchen Equipment. 

Our rapid hotel supplies possess sturdy construction and elegant design. They are lightweight and have a fine finish. Their durability and contemporary appearance make them highly demanded. As per the customers’ design, size, color, and shape, the offered range of kitchen equipment company can be customized.

We are known as the best hotel suppliers in UAE due to the following characteristics:

Highly efficient employees:

 Utilizing our employees’ skills, experience, and knowledge, we have been able to cater to the precise needs and requirements of our valuable customers in the most efficient manner.

Superior quality products:

Our products are of superior quality when it comes to rigidity and finishes. We have unmatched production equipment & crew to ensure this. We have a separate unit to ensure that our raw material is uncompromised. 

Diversity of products:

We offer a wide diversity of products to our customers, including:


 Plates, platters, bowls, serving plates, and bowls


Wine, cocktail, beer, water, dessert, and specialty glasses


 Knives, spoons, forks, serving utensils 

Dinnerware accessories:

 Charger plates, ramekins, sauce cups, dessert dishes, plate covers, bread and butter plates, coffee mugs, teacups, and saucers. 


 Cloth napkins and tablecloths

Great customer service

We provide excellent customer service, which is reflected in the recommendations we receive from our happy trade kitchen customers. We are well-established kitchen suppliers with a wealth of several years of experience, which comes across in everything we do and our team’s level of expertise.

Our expert team will help you pick the best options for the requirements of your kitchen units and doors to achieve your desired outcome. We manufacture and supply an extensive range of kitchen equipment of an excellent standard for very competitive prices.


Your kitchen equipment in your home makes up one of the largest investments for your pocket and your time, which equates to functionality for your lifestyle in the kitchen. Buying kitchen appliances can be a daunting task when looking at all of the options. You can seek guidance from us about selecting the best kitchen equipment. You can choose from our offered range at reasonable prices. 


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